What Laser Should I Use? PicoSure Vs Q Switch

When it comes to laser technology, we are spoiled for choice. It can be difficult to differentiate between machinery to determine what treatment or clinic may be the best choice to suit you and your requirements.

Tattoo Removal is often carried out with the Q-Switch Laser. Common among many laser clinics, this is certainly one of the more expected Laser Machines in circulation. Technology is continually developing and since the birth of the Q-Switch Laser, there has been new additions to the line-up of contenders, including the Discovery Pico Plus.

The Discovery Pico Plus At A Glance

The DISCOVERY PICO Series is the Gold Standard Picosecond laser, especially thanks to its three true laser wavelengths Nd:YAG 1064nm, Nd:YAG 532nm and Ruby 694nm, leading peak power, four pulse emission modes and its unique fractional handpiece for multi-level scar treatments. Quanta System has developed the Discovery Pico Series based on extremely innovative Italian Engineered technology for both excellent clinical results and unparalleled patient’s safety It is the latest in Laser Machinery and Next Level Clinic is one of few to be able to offer it to clients.

The Q-Switch At A Glance

Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers are used for corrective eye surgery, dentistry and removal of skin cancer. The lasers pulse the targeted area in nanoseconds to heat the ink underneath the skin. Q-switched lasers are effective, but Pico Discovery laser removal has rapidly become the gold standard in laser tattoo removal.

The Main Difference

Rather than just emitting one continuous beam of light energy, overlapping the skin area and possibly resulting in burn and scarring, both Lasers emit extremely short pulses of light energy.

This is a crucial difference; The Q-Switch operates at nanoseconds speed (one billionth of a second). The Discovery Pico Plus operates at a picosecond which is quite literally one trillionth of a second. For the patient, this means the ink or pigment is shattered at a fraction of the time and more effectively. This will reduce pain and recovery time.

While traditional Q-switched lasers deliver photo-thermal pulses that heat the skin and surrounding tissues, PicoSure uses photomechanical technology to shatter the tattoo particles. This ensures that surrounding tissues are unharmed, and the only target area is the ink or pigment. Precision and isolation at its finest.

The innovative smooth OPTIBEAM II handpiece is specifically designed to have a perfect FLAT TOP beam profile and it comes in different flat-top spot shapes at various sizes. Thanks to its advanced optical technology the OPTIBEAM II handpiece not only maintains uniform fluence but also distributes the laser power homogenously across the different spot sizes, ensuring complete safety, comfort, and reduced downtime.

This picosecond laser, thanks to its shorter pulse durations and high peak power can effectively pulverize even the deepest skin pigments and large spots.

We Use The Best Technology To Ensure Optimal Results For You

Stop looking at that tattoo with regret and actually do something about it. With the best technology and friendly, experienced technicians, you can feel better in your own skin. Contact us today, or check out our before and after tattoo removal results.

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