Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Sydney

Like tattoos covering your body, eyebrow and cosmetic tattoo removal can also be done with advanced laser technology. At our tattoo removal clinic in the Sydney CBD, using our Discovery Pico laser, we skilfully, safely and effectively remove, target specific areas or lighten any of your unwanted eyebrow or cosmetic tattoos.

Having tattoos that cover your arms, legs or torso are easier to work with if there is a time that you want to cover them up. It becomes more difficult to conceal tattoos on your face for obvious reasons. Cosmetic tattoos, such as eyebrow tattoos are carried out with the intention to enhance your features. However, there is always a risk that it might not turn out as expected, or perhaps over time the ink fades affecting the desired look. Also, something to consider is that cosmetic trends often change and brow shape is a prime example of this.

Like tattoos covering your body, eyebrow and cosmetic tattoo removal can also be done with advanced laser technology. At our tattoo removal clinic in the Sydney CBD, using our Discover Pico laser, we skilfully, safely and effectively remove, target specific areas or lighten any of your unwanted eyebrow or cosmetic tattoos.


Eyebrow Tattoo Removal FAQs

These are frequently asked questions that could help relieve any anxiety or concerns when deciding to remove your cosmetic and eyebrow tattoo.

Can eyebrow tattoos be removed?

The short answer: YES.

Eyebrows frame your face and poorly executed eyebrow tattoos can greatly detract from your appearance, affecting your confidence. You shouldn’t have to settle for sub-par cosmetic tattoos and with advanced technology, you don’t need to.

In Sydney, cosmetic tattoos are on the rise and with that, so is the amount of individuals that are not satisfied with their results. The most common concerns for clients are:

  • Colouring has changed/faded to a green ink
  • Brows are too light/heavy
  • Wrong shape
  • Poorly placed

How many sessions does it take?

For a complete cosmetic tattoo removal process, most people need between 3-10 sessions. The number of treatments is dependant on the size of the tattoo, the colour of the original ink and the type of ink used.

Results can also depend on the immune/health status of the individual. The process heavily relies on a functioning lymph system to effectively help the body detox and rid the shattered ink particles.

What is the difference between a cosmetic tattoo and a regular tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoos are typically applied with pigments that are less saturated than a regular body art tattoo. These pigments contain iron oxides and a carrier liquid such as glycerin or water. Cosmetic tattoos are designed to fade, allowing you to change the shaping and colour over time.

How does eyebrow tattoo removal work?

The eyebrow tattoo removal process is similar to that of general tattoo removal. A laser emits short pulses of light energy into your eyebrow or cosmetic tattoo. The ink particles in your skin absorb the wavelengths of the laser and shatter the ink particles. With each treatment, the ink particles will continue to break down further until they are all gone.

Is it possible to remove just part of an eyebrow tattoo?

Our advanced laser technology makes removing precise section of an eyebrow tattoo or any cosmetic tattoo possible. The Discovery Pico helps to facilitate precision treatments  and is capable of catering to your specific modifications. Removing just a section of an eyebrow tattoo may take as few as 2-3 sessions.

How do you get rid of eyebrow tattoos naturally?

If laser tattoo removal is not what you prefer, then a popular natural method for Cosmetic Tattoo Removal called ‘Salt Removal‘ may be an option for you. There are two common methods for using salt to remove cosmetic tattoos:

  • Applying salt topically to the skin and removing with gentle exfoliation
  • Using salt to bind to permanent ink pigments (drawing them out of the skin)

This method for cosmetic tattoo removals will take at least a few sessions to reach your desired result. Between your sessions and during your healing process, you should be taking extra care to ensure a flawless end outcome. These are some things to note during this process:

  • Use non-alcoholic soap and water to cleanse your eyebrows and pet dry with a clean towel
  • Use a healing ointment on the scabs on your eyebrows whiles healing and aftercare product the whole area
  • Avoid irritating the eyebrows and surrounding area
  • Avoid applying makeup to eyebrows

Please note that you must wait 4-6 weeks from treatment to ensure skin is completely healed before removing a cosmetic tattoo. By acting any sooner, you may put your skin at risk for scarring.

Woman having eyebrow tattoo removal in Sydney

Does laser eyebrow tattoo removal hurt?

At Next Level Clinic, we understand the discomfort associated with any type of Tattoo Removal. We help minimise pain and discomfort with:

  • Medical Grade Numbing Cream
  • Gentle Sedation Gas
  • Ice Packs
  • LED Light Treatment
  • Massage
  • Aftercare Pack

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What to expect after your laser eyebrow tattoo removal?

Following your laser eyebrow tattoo removal, you should expect some mild to moderate swelling and some bleeding. The swelling will subside within 24 hours, and the skin should be healed and back to normal within two weeks. Depending on how long it takes for the treated area to heal will determine how long you will need to wait before your next treatment. This can be between 4-6 weeks however this will vary depending on the individual.

Eyebrow tattoo removal is straightforward.

  • Avoid external contact with the affected area for three days after treatment
  • Avoid touching the area, try to sleep on your back
  • Avoid exposure to water
  • Do not apply makeup or cream to the treated area

Does your Sydney clinic offer eyebrow / cosmetic tattoo removal?

Yes. Next Level Clinic 300 George St, Sydney provides eyebrow and cosmetic tattoo removal using the latest, most effective technologies to deliver our client’s desired outcomes. We use high-end technology, and the Picosure / Pico Discovery Laser can treat and target all variations of tattoos. Operating with picosecond laser pulses with high fragmentation can shatter pigments in the deepest layers of skin. The intense speed of laser energy also assists in lowering the pain experienced.


What are eyebrow tattoo removal cost?

Next Level Clinic offers packages for eyebrow tattoo removal cost starting from only $97!

If you would like to learn more or book in for a comprehensive consultation, we will discuss your desired results, pain management and develop a customised treatment plan. During this consultation, your therapist will give you an idea of how many treatments you will need.

Why We Use The Discovery Pico Laser for Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

In our Sydney Tattoo Removal Clinic we remove tattoos with the Discovery Pico Laser Machine. It is important that our clients have access to the most advanced technology and the Discovery Pico machine is the first and only Picosecond laser on the market that delivers safe treatment and effective removal of tattoos as well as treating acne scars, wrinkles and skin revitalization treatments.

One thing we know for sure, is that The Discovery Pico has a higher customer satisfaction rate as compared to Q-switch when it comes down to the removal of tattoos.




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