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Tattoo Removal pricing

At Face of Medical, we understand that every tattoo is different and thus, your experience should be conducted in the same respect. Our team of industry professionals take a customised approach to removing your tattoo.

There are many variables to consider when developing your tattoo removal treatment plan and thus a custom quote may be required.

Please see our Tattoo Removal Price List below. Purchasing a multi- session treatment pack delivers substantial cost savings. 

You are invited to take advantage of our exclusive tattoo removal offersEnjoy the most effective and comfortable tattoo removal treatment in Sydney, it’s guaranteed!

Tattoo Removal Price List

Purchase a multi session treatment pack and save.*
Tattoo SizeSingle SessionFour Session PackSix Session Pack
(buy 3 get 1 free)(buy 4 get 2 free)
2cm x 2cm$100$75 per session$66 per session
5cm x 5cm$220$165 per session$146 per session
7.5cm x 7.5cm$250$187 per session$166 per session
10cm x 5cm$300$225 per session$200 per session
10cm x 10cm$350$262 per session$233 per session
15cm x 10cm$400$300 per session$266 per session
20cm x 15cm$470$352 per session$313 per session
30cm x 20cm$600$450 per session$400 per session
Larger than 20cm x 20cmCustomCustomCustom
We accept payment by cash, EFTPOS and MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, AMEX, Afterpay, Zip Pay

* No refund or credit given for unredeemed treatments 

Tattoo Removal No Sting Guarantee by Next Level Clinic

We’re so confident in our treatments, clinicians and our world’s best laser technology, that qualifying clients who commit to a full tattoo removal package are eligible for our NO STING GUARANTEE.

Next Level Clinic guarantees that you won’t find a better laser tattoo removal service in Sydney. Our unique understanding of the human body, how your lymphatic system works and our pre and post treatments that make your tattoos disappear even faster, takes the sting out of your tattoo removal. During your consultation, your clinician will indicate the number of treatments required to achieve your desired outcome. If your tattoo removal does not achieve the outcomes we agreed at the outset, then you can continue to receive treatment on your tattoo for FREE for a period of 12 months from date of last treatment.

Next Level Tattoo Removal

Personalised Quotes

To receive a personalised quote based on your desired results, we provide two quote request options:

1.  Complimentary quote by submitting a photo of the tattoo you wish to remove via our online quote request.

2. In Clinic consultation.  You are welcome to book a consultation in our clinic for $50 which is redeemable if you move forward with the tattoo removal. Please contact our team to book a consultation.

Laser tattoo removal consult at Next Level Clinic

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Great results, less than expected sessions to remove, no scaring, my skin looks and feels brand new. Exceptional all round!!
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Tattoo Removal Results

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Gents, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving your desired results. To tailor a package to suit you, simply submit a photo of the tattoo you wish to remove via our online quote request.

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