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Tough Love

It is time to address the elephant in the room, does tattoo removal hurt?

Everyone has a different tolerance to pain but let us not beat around the bush. The harsh reality of the matter is tattoo removal can be painful to even those with the highest threshold. Most people describe the feeling as being flicked with a burning hot rubber band, which does not sound appealing, but then neither is donning that tattoo you have been regretting.

The good news is the process is generally very fast and many clients will return to work the same day as their treatment, so long as it does not pose a risk in terms of aftercare. We all know pain is gain, so let us strip you of your ex-girlfriend’s name!

The Pain Factor

At Next Level Tattoo Removal Clinic Sydney we understand all the nerves and concerns that customers have when considering laser tattoo removal. Making sure our clients are as comfortable as possible during the treatment is paramount to our team. We ensure you feel completely at ease and that any queries or concerns will be covered during the consultation process.

To help subside pain during treatment, there are several things we can do which are included in the treatment package.

Numbing Cream

Numbing creams are a very effective way to help ease any pain and discomfort associated with Tattoo Removal. We advise that you come in 30 minutes prior to treatment. Our team will apply a topical anaesthetic cream which is a numbing agent to assist in lowering the pain experienced during the tattoo removal.

Cooling Technology

A great deal of the pain experienced throughout this treatment is caused by the lasers continuous light energy exposure creating a hot sensation on the skin. To help control heat pain and avoid thermal damage, we cool the skin at -35 degrees simultaneously with the ink removal.

This is one of the most effective ways to minimise pain. Our KOOLO skin cooling technology can cool the skin before, during and after treatment without interfering with the power of the laser beam. The cool air is harmless to the skin but lessens the intensity of the laser over your tattoo

Over-The-Counter Pain Relief

Although we have numbing agents and technology available, you may wish to consider an over the counter pain relief such as Ibuprofen. Taken approximately 30 to 45 minutes prior to your treatment it can assist in calming your actual nerve endings, making the sensation from the laser less intense.

Gel Ice Packs

As a standard process, Sydney Tattoo Removal will provide Gel Ice Packs for the area before and after treatment. The Gel Packs will not be available to use during treatment, but upon completion part of your post-session care, apply one for 5-10 minutes over the bandaged area for relief. Gel and Ice packs work to reduce swelling in inflammation and can be used at home to help after treatment.

The Green Whistle

Those who have experienced the Green Whistle will know that any pain or discomfort will simply disappear. For large areas, our Dr can supply the Green Whistle to selected candidates which will completely block out any pain or discomfort associated with your treatment (or anything else for that matter).

Penthrox is a self-administered, rapid acting analgesic agent for short-term pain relief. The Penthrox inhaler is a green whistle shaped single use device that delivers methoxyflurane in analgesic doses. Clients can assess their own level of pain and titrate the amount of Penthrox inhaled for adequate pain control.

Trade Secrets

As the client there are a few things you can do in the lead up to your tattoo removal session to ensure minimal discomfort during your treatment. First of all, know what you’re signing up for! Understanding the process prior to the session will increase the likelihood of your comfortability during the procedure.

Whilst drinking lots of water is essential in day to day life, it’s especially beneficial to come to your appointment hydrated! Consuming water can avoid headaches, whilst also proven to assist your body in the process of breaking up tattoo ink particles. Keeping up your water intake post treatment will also assist this natural process.

Here is an easy one, come with your stomach full! Just as you need to have a feed before a tattoo, coming to your removal treatment well fed will stabilise your blood sugar level. Having a meal prior to your treatment will lower the risk of light-headedness.

Avoid soaking up the Sun before or after your laser treatment. Absorbing UV rays increases skin sensitivity, which can attribute to tattoo removal pain. Similarly, Sun exposure shortly after your session can lead to burning pain and scarring on the treated area.

Speak up! The tattoo removal Team wants to ensure they provide the best experience possible for the client, so there is no shame in asking for a breather. Every client’s pain tolerance is different; communicate throughout your treatment! Also remember that tattoos on sensitive skin such as the inner thigh or over the ribs will be more painful to remove than a tattoo on your arm or bottom.

A Clean Slate

Just as when you got your first tattoo you will know, if you want it, it is worth the discomfort. So, if you’ve been thinking of ridding your body of that matching tattoo from your teens or some regrettable botched ink, visit us at Next Level Tattoo Removal Clinic Sydney and allow our team to get you back that blank canvas you once had.

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